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I've abandoned blogging pretty much, and reading blogs.

I feel more busy than I am. I acquired an attorney who advised not posting in social media about the home, and ... it's not resolved.
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Curiously I'm allegedly on the vacation that was supposed to be moving into my house. I'm doing...nothing, kind of on purpose. I made no plans, spent a wonderful weekend being productive and completely nonproductive with the girlfriend, and just kinda crashed after a very stressful home and work week. I could have made plans tonight, but didn't, and may just literally work and do chores all day like a regular day...only one where the chores actually get done. Shockingly happy to have a) restored my headlights, b) rain-x'd the windshield & back window, c) laundry kinda, d) kitchen, and soon to be e) sinks sterilized like surgery. I also probably worked 6 hours but ... I'm slightly compulsive. I guess that's actually a full day huh? But there was a nap...

I could not move to my DC home in as I was warned because the upstairs floors are still "wet" or tacky with the not-done finish. At least now I can see and touch a reason I can't move in. However, what about paint, fixtures, hot water, heat, a/c, the stairs, the closet under the stairs, the entire fucking kitchen...but at least I'm getting updates from the guy. I'll probably visit the place tomorrow. I visited this weekend with the girl, but learned fast I couldn't walk on the floor at all (I thought it was just too tacky for furniture - nope, you could push into the varnish with your finger). On the huge plus side, omg it's gorgeous. The floors are 100% sock-slide compatible. The internet says that's the problem - huge thick applications take forever to dry (as opposed to many thin coats as recommended).

More people are calling out the consistent racist-activist on the listserv. I filed a few cool things on the most horrible complainant I'm defending against right now. I'm starting in on the hearing plan in more detail, and find his answers are objectionable as not being consistent with his discovery responses. I fear this case but winning it will be a really important blow for good (I know that sounds goofy, but it's how I feel).

All advise against it, but as I can't nail a firm move-in date, it seems a u-haul is my best option. One version is I do it literally myself, u-haul only for boxes and little things like the futon, then hire a company for the balance. I'm a simple man. I'm not worried about damaging my Ikea furniture - the pinball machine, radio, and Victrola are probably my only valuable pieces. Veronica and I sat around talking through where things go, what goes, and how to make sense of it.

I was feeling like an alcoholic as I had alcohol the last 3 days in a row, but in each case never got intoxicated. At all. It's just been a restaurant weekend. I feel like drinking tonight, but I feel relaxed, happy, and possibly a little bored. I wondered why until I spotted the chocolate frog and considered eating it whole. It seems I want a minor indulgence (can I be chemically dependent if I'm not particularly enamored with which chemical I ingest?) I may yet go for the frog.

The gym continues to be ok to me. I am on the week of big lifts, which is probably not a great idea with my rib injury. Still, 325 squat went up for a double - I had the same problem with a hinged back, but I was also able to fix it. I'm still a little happy that my block of 315 is a thing of the past, happier that I may be at 335. I can "see" 365. Tomorrow I will probably pull 405 (deadlift). My only mehs right now are my static OP at 155 for 1 (with good form) and the fact my rib is still bothering me. I was able to do pull-ups though, so while slow, I'm getting better. I also respond more when I realize the belt is ninja-chopping my organs.

Oh I'm happy and boring. Fuck yeah. I wonder what life will be like in my new house?


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