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Birthdate:Jan 10
Location:Washington, Dist. of Columbia, United States of America
All information in this "blog" is meant as fiction only. All characters and events are purely fictional and not intended to represent any persons living or dead. Many statements are intentionally made with inaccuracies and exaggeration, and should not be taken literally. The author(s) of this work does not and will not engage in any illegal activity whatsoever. All writing herein is solely for entertainment purposes and is covered by copyright law - material may not be copied. No advice is dispensed nor should any comments contained herein be considered advice either causally or professionally. If you are seeking assistance, consult a licensed professional suitable to your needs.

I'm José -- either you know me or you don't.

Please feel free to f-list me, and if I notice I'll probably f-list you back. Also feel free to unlist me if I bug you or whatever. I'll do the same if you post quiz results, constantly do big pictures, or fill my f-list with stuff you didn't write on a regular basis. Better to say little than run on empty.

Also - please tag/cut/warn about NSFW material. I will do the same.
(by NSFW I mean pictures, words are fine unless they are huge and obvious)

If you are trying to find out more about me, try perusing the memories I flag. They're not necessarily my better pieces of writing, but they do give some insights into thoughts that seemed important at the time.

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