Feb. 3rd, 2017

Job update:

Feb. 3rd, 2017 07:14 am
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I got a lot of questions about this when I go out, and I forget people are following. What, people care? Read my words? Who knew?

The dumpsterfire hiring freeze stopped the transfer of functions to OGC, but only in the short term. I wasn't offered a job from my interview, but I don't necessarily know if they didn't want me, or if they simply were unprofessional, cowardly, and have no concern for employee morale by simply ceasing communication when they can't take specific actions. Either scenario isn't good.

As for the function transfer, only EEO cases are moving over, and allegedly it's an initiative from the Secretary to align our functions like other agencies. Our litigation group is viewed positively, while others are not; our group is not happy about the proposed change, while others are thrilled because they hate this work.

When they are ready to take our EEO cases, currently forecast at around Sep/Oct this year, they will ask who has a license and is interested in working for OGC, interview, and at their whim, move you to OGC non-competitively. It's Excepted Service there - unionized, but same pay with less job security. Oh, and I'd have to serve a probationary period - though I've been a federal employee over 22 years, and a litigator around 10 years. I can be terminated at any time for any reason.

They also are discouraged from work at home, which I'm finding is a really big deal to me. Big advantage, puts me in the 905 (attorney) series and I get to say "I'm an attorney."

Race: I'm noticing an old racial breakdown that makes me very nervous based on prior experiences, and it's racist: strong vocal bullying black women in charge, and the only white folks are "mousy." I'm not a mouse and react poorly to being bullied. I did my time already. I don't like bullying - the fact it happens, not my rank within the system. Sometimes being queer makes me immune to this type of situation, other times GODBLESS it makes things far, far worse. So I strongly fear racism, bullying, and queer discrimination in the civil rights group. It sounds ironic but evangelical minorities in civil rights harassing all other religious beliefs or races is something I've heard of and believe I have witnessed quite a bit.

So it sucks, but in other news I'm posting on facebook about Reichstag, the Russian apartment bombings, and in other words trying to communicate about ways this administration may use or create opportunities to invoke martial law. I'm not speaking in hyperbole and hope I'm wrong.

Oddly when I look up the rise of nazism I get a lot of far-right sites complaining about "pc speech," which means not using racial, misogynistic, or phobic slurs - typically as private companies and the public express outrage at discriminatory views.

So I'm scared on many fronts and seeing a march turning to a jog that I can't seem to avoid. All my life I've crawled carefully to the light at the end of the tunnel - but it is always moving further away.


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