Jan. 17th, 2017

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I was going to write a long post about my job interview, but I mostly facebooked the issue. I interviewed for a job at OGC, reluctantly because I like what I do, where I do it, for the same money. Reasons were told to all, then announced as secret so I'm on the down-low about why.

On the other hand, my lack of fear of the interview was well founded. I handled all the questions well. I walked in with a tabbed folder of my credentials. I don't feel like I bombed, but again that's just my unsubstantiated impression. If any thing I prattled on too much "(No, really, as, me more about me)." I joked, and I stuck my neck out...I was asked about work location, and I openly admitted, noting my honesty, that I was frustrated that I was only currently allowed to work at home 2 days a week with exceptions. I was asked why, and noted I work in a cube farm which is distracting, and I like to save the time and money while being in my house next to my kitchen. The big boss noted they discourage, actively, "AWS" (I didn't point out that acronym is not for telework location issues) because they encourage discussions (though they have private offices) (oh bytheway they have private offices like actual lawyers) and want to be available "for their clients." I didn't ask because...I know damn well no clients walk down the hall to their fucking offices.

I've been on the fence about the issue because I wanted to determine whether I would accept a job or not if offered. I kinda don't want it, less so since it seems they don't litigate in any courts either - it's just my job for the same pay with some pluses (905 series for-real attorney, office, main building is kinda neat, high-caliber coworkers and possibly more legal training and refinement) but minuses that matter to me (autocratic environment, likely restricted hours unless it's to work to my detriment, less telework, same fucking pay?).

I was asked to provide 3 professional references by Thursday. Then bigboss said Tuesday, but nobody corrected the actual day. I provided my references today.

Then today I realized for my organized packet, I forgot to provide the requested writing sample. So for the tabbed handout, I was missing an entire section. At least there is a good reason to not offer me the job.

Today I talked to my old boss who called me immediately after I emailed about a professional reference (immediately after emailing hellyesses). He noted that while we all likely face a hiring freeze, these things don't often last long, and his group has the same work - more to my culture in the sense our group is more settle-em high, and I'm hang-em high because they're liars, and very flexiplace friendly (he lives in Atlanta, though his job resides in DC for many purposes). Oh, and they are GS-15s (a higher rate of pay).


Hearing about the movement of eljay to Moscow and the jailing of dissidents, I'm thinking this may be my last year of eljay. I don't use it much, not making new connections, and viewing my friend's list makes me sad to see all the vanishing acts. I feel connected enough with the stupids and variable ratio schedule of the fb algorithm.

I've changed in a lot of ways, but I'm still pretty stupid - particularly emotionally. I'm not sure if I just got old, my glands stopped, I grew up a little, or this is just a lull in my personal crazies and some bump or event will snap me back into emotional reactions out of proportion with events in my life.

I should do more updating, but I've been running around nonstop with the girl and...really just want to play diablo.

I talk to myself.


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