Jan. 12th, 2017

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Last night's ANC meeting was mostly dull, thank god. The ones in the Shaw library are rancorous. I did learn what they are looking for in permit applications, and it's kinda anti-growth and pro-poverty. All the questions focused on: 1) "affordable house" aka limits on income for the people you rent to, 2) original look of the property, 3) sun view! Engineers are now producing diagrams to show the year-round shadow impact of proposed development, and 4) when did you give us notice vs. file the legal papers? My least favorite was a series of the ANC folks lambasting someone who emailed them the entire packet - because they wanted hard copies. (facepalm).
That was from a non-resident white guy investor - he got the hardest time. However the Commission itself is diverse, made up of very liberal whites, af-amer, and no other races. We have a huge latino community, but language seems a big barrier (more than culture, imo). I’ve had no luck inspiring my neighbors to come to community meetings.

Work exploded. I’ve been doing long and stressful hours for the first time in a while, based on an impossible to meet discovery and hearing schedule blasted by a very rigid harsh MSPB judge, the 2nd worst I’ve ever encountered. I think he’s lazy, forcing the parties to settle to avoid doing his job of reasonable hearing schedules and his portion of the work. Encouraging settlement is good, but his approach is just pointless. Often prehearing takes place 1-2 weeks before hearing - his schedule has it a month in advance. He is setting the hearing a month before the 120 typical deadline, leaving a gap of a month between prehearing and hearing - time with no productive purpose. Further, discovery was to take place over xmas and NYE, while denied multiple joint motions for any type of extension.

This has be realizing that my work is stressful. I could meet this schedule, but while I sent the players their discovery in plenty of time to respond, I’ve had multiple parties - particularly IT - utterly fail to produce what I need. I’ve been doing long days and constant communications up and down the chain of command to get the information to me - I have as much as 10 gig of emails due today in discovery that I do not yet have - even if they get it to me, my ability to screen it is nil. Further, I don’t have a format where I can issue it to the opposing side other than sending .pst files...this is just obnoxious. I should be able to simply fire off what I have, note “difficulty,” and if we are sanctioned produce the paper trail of why the Agency got sanctioned - not me. But I am killing myself to try and meet what is required. Why?

I have a job interview on Friday I have not prepared for, and I suspect it’ll be BEI so I need politician-like canned responses to blast to barely linked questions. I need to know stupid things you never know, like which cases I regularly cite are from Title VII, Chapter 43 vs. 75, and other trivia nonsense that is not necessary except to explain to neophytes where the authority stems from (might as well explain FRCP whiel we’re at it). I also have to pull and sanitize a writing sample - plus print and bring items that were required to be submitted in the application process (law school transpcript, proof of bar membership).

I’ve quit coffee this week. I thought after cutting to 1 cup a day it was odd my eyelid kept twitching. So I cut to none, not really quitting, just as an experiment. But my eye twitches more - internet says that’s from being tired. And stress. Stress.


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