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Reading names on bridges or in a graveyard makes me ponder mortality. The people and things I care about will vanish - many before I do, most soon after. The best possible success is getting your name on a rock...but the name says nothing about me as I think of myself. It sounds sad, but it's also kind of a relief. If nothing I do matters, then I may as well drink and play games.
Afterthought: writing can impact for generations.

Reality? I was in the graveyard to catch pokemon. I mean V wanted to go and I went, but I was totally hoping for more magickarp.

This line of thought bothers me. I see multi-generational family success as next to impossible but a laudable goal. Who doesn't want their blend of human soup to keep going? How many times can you achieve things, enjoy things, before it doesn't matter? How many hours of television do you watch after you find out you have 6 months to live? How many before that? Why do you feel socially connected when you experience a recorded story? How disconnected am I when I watch and know so many mainstream cultural guideposts?

Don't mistake this post for angst. I really like the nothing matters idea. Things may be going to hell, or getting better slowly with nasty pendulating rhythm, but I feel obligated to do good things. If nothing matters, I can watch tv from my couch or write this post.

Date: 2017-04-25 09:43 pm (UTC)
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I think I'll be happy with my human soup going down the drain. But I hate having responsibility for anything that can die. Hell, I don't even own plants.

Date: 2017-04-26 02:43 pm (UTC)
plumbob78: WGT (Default)
From: [personal profile] plumbob78
I have yet to kill any pants. Clearly I do not party hard enough.


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