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Did I mention the russian mafia gave me another 6 months free?

Major house dev'ts:
Contractor showed up unannounced as if nothing had happened. He said an inspection was scheduled for 11-1. I bitched him out for not responding, how it was impacting me / life, etc. He explained the guy who showed up "is an asshole," and explained of course he had a groundwork inspection! The guy wouldn't sign off on the other one / rough-in if he didn't. In fact even if he hadn't, the 2 (mini-manholes) give access for inspection, scopes, snaking, and even turn so you can block the system and do pressure tests.

He also explained the previous inspections were for the whole house, but then at the electrical stage they made him split them. So as of now there are 2 inspection cards - 1 for the house, the other just for the basement. The DC inspector showed up, and I listened in - the story panned out, and the DC inspector said he would elevate the matter to someone who coordinates all inspection so they can address the multiple inspection statuses and cards etc.

Today he called and texted me at work - electrical inspection passed! However they said he needs permits for the hvac. He asked if I could pay the hvac guy directly (something I had offered previously) and said yes - but didn't I already pay for this? He said yes but he didn't have the money (hey, he said it) but he'd take it off the final bill. I'm not sure there is a final bill, but things are moving.

HVAC is scheduled for 4/21, and inspections again 4/24 (hvac?) and 4/25 (framing?).

This is inches away from the finish line, he said famouslastwords.
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