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I've mostly avoided talking legal real stuff here (anywhere).

I was working from home Friday when an inspector showed up, again, with no warning from the contractor. I had just emailed him that due to his lack of communication and the fact this new finish date of Nov 2016 wasn't met here in Apr 2017 I wanted my other guy at every inspection. I texted him and he first said to turn him away, then claimed he was stuck in traffic.

I let the inspector in and he was shaking his head about this guy, openly wondering why he would schedule inspections and waste everyone's time. But my time wasn't wasted - he gave me info.

First, I should mention I talked to a lawyer, and based on that conversation I went downtown and pulled all the permits and inspection-info of record. Sadly the helpful DC employee giving me the inspection info, rather than printing reports, took my permits and hand wrote the info on each. Still, at least I have it.

I also have a pending bid on the work by another contractor, who rather than just glancing it over and giving me a ballpark pre-formal bid figure, came over after doing a permit/drawing check with 3 tradesmen.

Between the tradesmen comments, my guy listening, and the dc inspector, the following are potential issues right now, not-exhaustive nor in a particular order:
1. No proof of inspection of "groundwork" before putting in slab. The slab was approved, but they might have put it in without inspecting the (sewage pipes out of the house and related vents). The inspector said he'd call me back on that, didn't.
2. No fire studs every 10' (something about reaching to wall, makes no sense to me)
3. Can't inspect with can lights and insulation in.
4. Plumbing rough in not even done. In fact, the fact he's scheduling inspections is insane - to do plumbing inspections, they first cap the ends and turn the water on, duh, as a pressure test. NONE of the pipes are capped.
5. The plumbing isn't remotely done. We have a sink drain - but where the hell are the hot and cold feeds? Where does the hot water go?
6. The hot water in my house may be mixed with radiator water. I was told this specfiically was not the case, that my "combo unit" kept everything separate AND covered 2 heating zones (for radiators and radiant heat). The plumber thought it looked like it was a 1-use-only unit, and we sent him the spec sheet I was provided - he reconfirmed. This would match the fact my hot water tastes AWFUL after 6 mos.
Said another way, my water is mixed potable and nonpotable water (cough, maybe).
7. No final inspection was done on the top floor. Granted there are known items pending (no railing, wires hanging from the master bath as no vanity light is installed) but...why didn't he do that first before I moved in?
In short, there are substantial documented indications of serious not-to-code stuffs.

Keep in mind I moved in. What if they won't do a final inspection with my stuff "in the way?" What if they condemn the place - say because they can't verify sewage isn't going into the yard to their satisfaction - and condemn my place as inhabitable?

His contractor license - expires the end of this month. I'm considering lodging a formal complaint before that happens (not expecting miracles).
Placeholder - other info about his business, rumor.

I plan to talk to the lawyer again soon (missed her Friday, calling after the failed "inspection" visit). I texted and emailed contractor guy to yet another no response. The real question for legal, now, is "Can I potentially/likely recover from a DC LLC, when a) the llc likely has no assets, b) the insurance in place in 2014 may have lapsed but a breach might be from 2014 when 120 days was not met, c) he likely mixed funds (i.e. materials I paid for were not purchased the money likely spent personally and/or on other jobs), d) his only likely personal asset - if the veil were pierced - can it be recovery for me, or can he just fold his company and/or declare bankruptcy and I just pay for a lawyer to win an empty declaration that I won with more financial loss?

Still pending is how much it will cost to have someone else finish this job.

How am I a lawyer and ignorant enough to have fuddled up my life savings?
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