Mar. 31st, 2017 05:51 am
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have started preparing for litigation. For a brief period it looked like this guy was ripping me off, for undisclosed reasons and because the elec permit (with the date/year cut off) didn't appear to match our current permit number. Now, the known building permit expires 4/4. He claims he has to get re-issued original drawings from DCRA...but why? Nobody would lose the originals - he has all the inspection records and permits. He also barely responded to email/calls/texts since January (1) and hasn't done a lick of work.

Then we found the electrical permit and he said there were inspections scheduled. Then the inspections were cancelled, though an inspector did show up and hint strongly there were real problems and nobody would pass the inspection. That sadly would fit the contractor's story that an inspector had said they had to tear everything out (all the framing, plumbing rough-in, elec rough-in).

I've asked another contractor to bid and started looking at the statute of limitations on the contract (with the question, when does the alleged breach claim take place in a 3 year project that was supposed to take 120 days in May of 2014?) I still hope to avoid litigation but there are many indications this guy and/or company may not ... finish. At least I know switching contractors mid-stream is possible and not all that unheard of - it does not seem to mean there is a chance I would be banned from my house or have the drywall ripped out to re-inspect behind them.

DCRA is a morass. You try getting information from them. The contractor complaint that they give different results for the same inspections seems legitimate.

Besides all the rent I lost on 2 places, the ongoing stress of this mess has worn me down.

I felt good about a 345 squat a short while ago, until I uploaded a video to check my form and noticed it was next to a 2-year-old video of me doing 315 for 3. Sure I had setbacks and the nerve nonsense never was sourced, fixed, or remedied...but over time I'm finally struggling back. I think I need to form check all my lifts.

I post politics in fb. Should I be more scared or ashamed of this country?

Haven't moved out of fb yet but my pay-deadline is up soon and I don't want to support this anymore. Obviously I don't write like I used to and the reports of jailed russian dissidents with the email releases and state hacking? Plus...
Well I still miss this place. I miss the community of my friends and the rare meeting someone outside my immediate circle. But this place posted listservs for me and myspace for others. Nostalgia is fine but what is lingering?


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